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Founded in 1900 in Columbus, OH by members of the Beatty family, George and Robert J. Originally producing bottles, jars and tumblers, they developed a full range of pressed wares which were included in their 1914 catalog. Pressed wares were manufactured, as an imitation of cut ..


April 3, 1904 - Dec. 21, 1976) An industrial designer, he designed housewares and furniture from the late 1920s through the 1960s. His design philosophy was based on the idea of informal easy living, minimizing housework and increasing leisure time. Wright designed lines of dinne..


(1901-1989) Best known for her clean, simple silver banded/rimmed and silver fade wares, Dorothy Thorpe was a prolific designer. Beginning in the 1930s she started by purchasing glass blanks and sandblasting her own innovative designs inspired by her frequent trips to Hawaii. To..


(Oct 14, 1919 - Aug 3, 2012) Born in Boston, Massachusetts. He won numerous awards while studying art at the Vesper George School of Art, where he returned to teach after serving in the USAF during WWII. He founded Contemporary Arts Inc., before moving to New York City where he w..


Still in production Libbey Glass is the worlds second largest manufacturer of glass wares. Libbey Glass is the successor of the New England Glass Company. Founded in 1818 in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, the New England Glass Company factory was leased to William Libbey, a comp..


Founded in 1901 in Bellaire, OH by J.N. Vance and Edward Muhleman as the Crystal Glass Company then renamed to Imperial Glass Company. Imperial targeted mass market with 'near-cut' glass, an imitation of cut glass. In 1951 Imperial introduced its trademark "G" w..


General Glassware Co.: Located in Wrightsville, PA their product enclosures proclaimed "You own the finest in decorated glassware". The decoration was ceramic-fired into the glass and they used the finest blanks and ceramic colors available, the gold used was 22k..


Founded in 1938 by Fran Taylor. She started by painting tin ware with bright designs at home from 1938-1945, and adding a large selection of glass wares. In 1945 she opened the Gay Fad Studios in Lancaster, OH. Buying blanks from many major glass producers Gay Fad became one of t..


Among the most prolific and creative glass producers of the mid twentieth century, Culver was founded by Irving Rothenberg in the late 1930s. Most pieces from the 30s through the mid to late 50s were unmarked and therefore difficult to identify. In the late 50s Culver began prod..


The Couroc Company was founded in 1948 by Guthrie Courvoisier in Monterey, CA. Courvoisier's wife Moira Wallace, a designer, worked at designing and manufacturing. They developed a formula for a hard, stable phenolic resin which was resistant to alcohol, boiling water and cig..


A noted designer who designed exclusively for General Glassware Co., Wrightsville, PA. Her designs were produced using ceramic colors and 22 karat gold.


(1917 – July 30, 2005 New York) was an American award-winning designer in the 1950s through 1970s. He is most well known for his service wares, dishware and glassware bearing his signature. A marketing genius of hostess wares, his signed products were sold through the best ..