Still in production Libbey Glass is the worlds second largest manufacturer of glass wares. Libbey Glass is the successor of the New England Glass Company. 
Founded in 1818 in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, the New England Glass Company factory was leased to William Libbey, a company manager, in 1878 following a number of financial downturns.
Shortly after taking over the company Libbey moved the company from Massachusetts to Toledo, Ohio where the the centralized location would make distribution more cost effective. The region also was rich in the natural resources required for glass production, reducing the need to ship raw materials in from distant sources.
In 1892 the company name was officially changed to The Libbey Glass Company.
Libbey continued producing labor intensive hand blown, hand cut products into the early twentieth century requiring a large skilled workforce.
However, by 1950, Libbey had completely abandoned the traditional hand production methods in favor of fully automated manufacturing.
Most all Libbey products can be identified by the Libbey "L" - during the mid twentieth century the mark was a molded script "L" changing to a block "L" later in the century.