Among the most prolific and creative glass producers of the mid twentieth century, Culver was founded by Irving Rothenberg in the late 1930s. Most pieces from the 30s through the mid to late 50s were unmarked and therefore difficult to identify. In the late 50s Culver began producing wares which were decorated by means of firing 22 karat gold onto the glass. Sometimes the gold was applied over a colored enamel creating a raised design as well as create a contrasting or complimentary pattern when looking through the glass. The proprietary process of applying the gold to the glass was held very close by the Rothenberg family and employees. The secret of the super-heated roll-on process was lost when Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg, the son of founder Irving Rothenberg, perished on  American Airlines FLT 93 on September 11, 2001. Sold through the finest retailers, Culver products were among the most popular gift wares of the mid twentieth century.